Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ehehe. I must do this. :D
HI JAY!!!!!!

But how and where on earth did you dicover this site anyway...? I don't exactly publicise, you know what I mean? Lol.. heh.

Anyway, stayed over in Hanna's yesterday. It was extremely impromptu and very unplanned... after all, the plan was just to go Midvalley to shop lei.. but oh well. It was fun and interesting anyways. :)

Left around noon with a cab to go church to help take down the deco. Lyne was with me. Oh, I must mention this...

Lyne, thanks so much for being so supportive and sporting. I know you wanted to shop and do a million things.. but I had so many commitments. But I thank you for being ever-so-supportive, helping us even with the deco... being with me through music practice.. the next few days we really go all out and shop okay? Even though I, am flat broke. Like really flat broke. Sigh.

We're planning to go down to KL tomorrow, around the Golden Triangle. Lyne wants and deserves to shop (she has barely bought ANYTHING this past week lei!), so we're gonna walk around, and visit Starhill Gallery... basically do touristy stuff. Yay.

I've got a million and one things I'm brimming over with that I want to write about... let the world know... but Caution is advising me against it. I think I need some time to sort everything out though. I don't want to do anything dumb. Lately, I've been doing so many dumb things, if I were to do anymore, the Ministry of Education would make me go back to kindergarten. So we will play this game carefully okay?

Happier things ahead. Well, maybe not so. You'll see why.

I saw lovely, lovely shoes in Midvalley yesterday! This lovely pair in nose, those Lewre rattan wedges I've loved for ever-so-long. But it would be oh-so-extravagant to buy them, considering that I just bought a new pair of heels (so lovely, pink and sweet) Sides, I had no money. How sad. :D How, you tell me?

Then I saw nice clothes in MNG. (yes, you read right, the very brand I've detested for so long because everyone wears it - how boring) It was this winter jacket that was sleeveless, warm and reversible. I did try asking my mum if I could please buy it since we're going to the States at the end of winter so it'll be freezing anyway, but I didn't get the parental nod. Sniffles.

Met up with ALBERT! Albert whom I've not seen since last year (and apparently, who hasn't cut his hair in that duration also). ALbert~!! :P I don't agree with the goatee and sideburns though. But to each his own. :P

Anyway Hanna treated us to DOME drinks, because she has too many bean points. Sat, chatted, laughed, and took photographs until Hanna went 'OI! Okay! Enough photos!'

When we came out from MPH Hanna bumped into Az Samad and a very jet-lagged Shelley Leong. They talked for a while. Hanna's quite the girl-about-town isn't she? :D

Right. Enough yakking. This has been a very random, very here-and-there post. But when a person is deep in thought, s(he) doesn't exactly have enough space to write in a profound manner, does she now? Maybe when she recollects her thoughts.

And in her attempt to do so, she will now try to persuade her friends to go yum cha. Teh ais always makes her that much happier, anyway.