Saturday, December 31, 2005

Eheks. I suppose... yes, I think I'll do this again. *Deep breath*
Hi WenHao! Hi Yean Ching!

I had no idea, frankly speaking, that you guys would find this site. Oh, I suppose it was to be inevitable, after all, I'm asking for it, considering that this is the Big Bad World of the Internet right? Ah well... :) But all is well.

Well. Am sitting in Lyne's aunty's apartment. We came here, originally wanting to just let her take some stuff, but I later persuaded Lyne to stay and just be here because her aunt was just discharged from the hospital today...

Today was shopping day!

Despite some initial hiccups in our plans of leaving early for KL (let's just say family issues were involved), we finally started shopping. Headed to IOI first to allow her to get her contacts fixed in EOG, after which we headed to the third floor of IOI where Nichii Fashion CIty just opened not too long ago.

I am uttely in love with the clothes there. Oh the woes of being broke! I could go on and on about the lovely clothes I saw there and so, so, wanted to buy, but I wouldn't bore you. Let's just say that my eyes were especially on this lovely black top with turqoise beads and sequins, as well as this beautiful flared skirt...

Anyway. After Nichii (Lyne bought stuff there! Yay!), we headed for the Reject Shop, where I could FINALLY shop, but only because I had an RM50 voucher with me. Bought a new pair of jeans - rejected Gap jeans, methinks - that was super cheap AND gorgeous.

I love shopping.

After a simple dinner of sorts, we finally headed down to KLCC. ZARA! Oh my goodness, ZARA! I saw this absolutely gorgeous winter coat there that cost RM399 and immediately regretted letting my mum do my winter coat shopping for me.... It was a white wintercoat with wool trimming, and was at that perfect length - the knees. Can you imagine how gorgeous it was?! And I couldn't buy it! *cries* *sobs*

Oh the devastation I felt! (Ekeke, dramanya....)

There were nice jeans in Topshop as well. But they were super low-rise. Nah.... not my kind of jeans.

KLCC was rather rushed though, as Lyne had arranged for her cousin to pick us up around 9.30pm. So we didn't get in enough shopping. We're going again tomorrow, if all things go well. KLCC, then probably Canaanland so she can pick up some good books and CDs. Then SNL!

Got many more things, but I'll make that another entry. Cheers.


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