Monday, February 13, 2006

Am in The Mall at the moment. The one near Legend Hotel?

Anyway, granny was transferred to GHKL this afternoon. I went with her and mum in the ambulance. Yes, the experience came complete with flashing lights and the eeEeeOooWww EeeEeOoWww sirens.

Granny's doing okay, I suppose, but I gotta admit I understand the beauty of private hospitals. After a week in SJMC, GHKL seems..uh... well, you know what I mean la.

It's been stressful though, the sleepless nights I've had because of night shift, worrying about her health....

I feel lonely.

But then again, deep down inside I am a loner. But heck, even loners need company. Whatmore a part-loner, part-social animal person like me?

I miss, miss, miss the days of joy and laughter. Of being carefree where nothing seemed to matter.

Who wants to volunteer to be the ray of sunshine that breaks through these bleak clouds in my emotions right now? Someone did that yesterday with a couple of funny smses. Whose turn today?


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