Sunday, January 29, 2006

Remember a post I put up awhile ago about a challenge for me to dedicate two years of my life to God?

Hope clicking there refreshed your memory. But anyways.....

I made that decision. Yeps, that's right, I decided to dedicate two years of my life to God, which basically means I'll be single for the next two years. Muahahaha!

I also decided to call this The Two Year Club

Jokes aside, the main reason I wanted to do this was because I realised, what is two years of my life dedicated to the One who gave me His whole life?! Who am I to be so selfish?

So yes, these next two years, my heart is set on God. And yes, I realise that being the emo-person, incurable romantic etc that I am, there are bound to be times and people (read: guys) who will challenge my stand on this. But I will not be moved, because He who seeks to save his life will lose it, and he who gives up his life for Me will gain it. Matthew 24:11, I think.

I look forward to this adventure, this challenge that God has in store for me. And I know that through this period that I'm being moulded into a woman after God's own heart. And also moulded into the ideal partner for whoever it is. (The lucky guy!) Lol. Heheh....

Erms, so don't be naughty yah, I don't want to do anything silly so don't encourage me to be silly okay? Two years is quite some time. I'll be 22! Eeek!

It's worth it, really.

Oh, I'm not alone in The Two Year Club by the way. I have a support team! Which means we are supporting each other throughout this journey! Let's see, Judy, Lizzie, Bern and Max, so far. Maybe more to come? :)

Well, here's a toast (Yum Seng!) and some Lo Sang to The Two Year Club! Happy CNY! :D


At 9:59 PM, Blogger E said...

(The lucky guy!) Lol. Heheh...

hhrrmm... indeed... not to "The lucky guy" part tho... indeed to the LOL part... but it's supposed to b LOVVVVVVVVVVL=laugh out VERY(x how many ever "v"s there are) loud...

HAhA! nola.. jk jk.. it's gud it's gud... push on! :0


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