Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I'm home in Kuching! *excited smile* Land of really good food and wonderful people! But most importantly, I'm home lei...

I have so many things to talk about! New Year and how it was etc, but it would be so long I'll bore you. So I'll break it up into parts alright?

But before all those things start, I would like to make an apology of sorts. I understand that a couple of my previous entries were put up during a time of frustration, sadness, and yes, a little pity-party. It was a very bad time to put it up, I think, considering that some people I know had just discovered this site. It very well could have caused them to have a different impression of me, etc. That was not the original intention.

However, I'm sure you guys understand that this is where I vent... make my feelings known most of the time. Be assured - with me what you see is what you get! Click here to see what I mean. That was written more than a year ago. Anyways, read it la.

But I digress. Getting back on track, what I mean is that like any other normal person, I go through good and bad times. I go through times when I can get severely sad, melancholic and all that. But one of the main reasons most people don't see me then (especially those in church) is because church is the one place I feel truly happy. I just feel so, so happy when I'm there, my troubles go away, if only for the moment. I'm human, so bear with me as I allow God to deal with that part of me alright? :)

I'm home, and I'm happy. I'm happy that I have three weeks to spend with my family, and beloved, dear, dear friends whom I haven't seen in ages (no, Jason, not you! Haha.. Nor you, Edison! Heh.) Plus I get to buy white roses and leave them on my grandmother's yet-to-be-overlaid-with-granite grave...

Loads of thoughts floating around, discoveries I've just made. I need time to sort all these out. Thank you Lord, for the three weeks. Let it be purposeful and use me to the fullest.