Saturday, January 07, 2006


Dropped by Uncle Mervyn's place today, in time to catch the last quarter of youth. Edison, Jason and Jesmine were there.

Edison has shoulder-length hair. He had his hair in braids when I saw him and looked like a girl, teehee.

Obviously, with this being Edison, and him having been deprived of bullying me for the past one year, it wasn't even 3 minutes before he started abusing me...



Went for a drink in HuiSing with them, after Edison went to pick Yiping up (and a F2 guy Jesmine's tutoring, Matthew). My sister was with us. So she got to laugh at me.

But I didn't mind that! I know they abuse me very badly, but I know they don't mean any much harm. Keke...

But I THINK I retaliated some of the shots fired well! :P WhatEVER, Edison! :D

Aiyah, it was such good fun going out with this hilarious bunch of people again, though it was only for awhile. It's been so long! But the obvious absence of Ben lingered...

Miss Ben! The (more)docile one of the bunch.... who bullies me as well.

Meeting up with them again was definitely the highlight of my day. I laughed and laughed the whole way through, because these people are just way too ridiculous, funny, and inane.

Till the next time! :)


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