Thursday, January 05, 2006

Today marked the seventh week of my grandma's passing. Therefore, today marked the last day of the mourning period...

I can wear colourful clothes again!

Nah, please don't take that sentence seriously okay. I know there's more too life than colourful clothing (though I really delight in wearing them).

We woke up early to go up to the cemetery and meet with the other relatives there. Noticed that a tree growing behind the grave could pose a possible danger to the graves of my grandparents (unruly roots, you see) so my dad wants to get them to chop it down..

It's becoming a routine (kind of), what I've been doing back home. Teach and cook. And clean. And somehow, I rather enjoy it. Well, English has always been my passion (one of it) so helping kids to further understand and enjoy the language brings me great satisfaction. Besides, them knowing more English can only do them good la..

I got this message from Bernard today, after I had told him that I was teaching English:
"What's a supplement pseudo adjective suffix?"


What the....

I told him it was torturing device used on the likes of him.


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