Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Joys of Teaching, Driving, and Meeting Up With People...

I went grocery shopping for my family today! Since the kakak (who is obviously not coming back) is not around, my poor, overworked mum has hardly had a chance to do anything save for running the tuition centre. Therefore, there's hardly any foodstuff around the house. Which led to me waking up early this morning to send my dad to the polyclinic and heading for the market..... I feel domesticated! And I like it! I like being domesticated! Heh. I wanna cook dinner tomorrow..

Helped my mum teach four Primary 6 kids English today. Teaching is really something I got from my mum - I really enjoy it! I loved explaining things to the kids (not just doing exercises - how boring), like why it's called a dash of pepper and a pinch of salt. Enjoyed teaching them why the plural noun of 'baby' is 'babies'... I believe when they understand how it happens, it helps them understand more, instead of just blindly memorising. What if a word you never memorised appears? How? :)

And let's not forget the joys of driving...

I am so deprived of driving in KL. I love, love, love driving. Alone, especially. Just being in the car, alone with my thoughts, alone with God.. those are good times for me. Plus, I can play the music as loudly as I want and no one can complain.. heh.. I like manouevring around... tackling tricky turns properly... and I don't speed (much) okay! I'm a lot safer now then when I first started.. right now I average around 70-80kph..(that's on the straight roads..) which is decent for Kuching..

Did I mention I get off my 'P' and get a REAL licence in 15 days time? So happy! :P

Met up with Roy, Lyne, Brian and Lincoln today to discuss the outreach thing Roy's church is doing on the 14th January. Am helping out, especially where worship is concerned. Ate in Richmond Place opposite Trinity Methodist Church. Not bad! :)

Discovered that there is a sort-of mamak near my place which opens till late and serves up KL stuff like Nasi Goreng USA, paprik etc.. and roti! Yay...

I think today was eventful la. Good balance between family and friends.

Going to sleep real soon, have to go 'work' tomorrow. That is, helping my mum teach or whatever la. More kids and more fun! Yay! :P