Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Just thought that I'd put up a couple of extra links in my sidebar.

Look who has started blogging! The one and only Bernard Chia! Let's see, well, Bern is quite a meanie. Heh. Architecture Architorture student. Self-confessed geek. Used to be high-schoolmates with Albert, an equal weirdo. Teehee.

Okay la, I'll start praising him. Bern is small, but his hands are my size and his fingers are longer than mine. Spiritually speaking, he is definitely our resident tai lo. And yes, he takes wonderful pictures. What are you waiting for? Click and navigate to his site! And while you're there, check out his very first post on Cameron Highlands. He's got a superb picture of stars there. I wurve stars... :)

See, Bern? I COMPLIMENTED YOU! Now it's your turn! :P

Next up is Wen Hao. The last time I saw him, Wen Hao was pretend-mad at me because I went out and bought McD's but didn't ask him if he wanted any. AHAHAHA... Therefore, I owe him McD's now (apparently la, that is). IMU student, which means he's more intelligent than probably most other people. Keke... Wen Hao's a sweet guy, anyway. Funny.

I'll chia you McD's someday k? Heh.

This next guy is not linked in the sidebar, but when I feel like it I will, because he deserves it. Shawn Kong Nai Yee! ENLI graduate, great preacher, member of 1am, is currently somewhere in Mongolia on a work attachment, but also ministering to the people there. From Kuching! :) And yes, he is the brother of Nai Chen and Nai Lin...

Finally, we have Daryl. Daryl's an animation student, 5th semester. Ultra-talented. I've linked him before, but I'll link him again! I appreciate Daryl lots! *big hug* Thanks for all the support, bro! :D

Yalah, that's about it. Just a short linking thing. Still don't want to blog blog. Grandma's a lot better though, thank God. And classes have started. Brrr...

Anyway, visit! :) You won't regret it.


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