Friday, March 10, 2006

As usual, I have a S.H.O.R.T update. Though I have work to do. Hee...

I'm taking a family portrait with my cousins, grandma and various uncles and aunties on Saturday. I am so excited, because we've never taken a family portrait before! :) And plus this is a gem of an opportunity because Vivian is back! :)

Had an interesting today at band dynamic with the second and third team. Learnt a lot, in both the spiritual sense and technical sense of playing. So happy okay! Plus, I have overcome a little bit of my fear of playing while Kel watches.. hurray! Teehee.

CUZA IS BACK!!!!! I almost forgot, until I went into the sanctuary a little bit after arriving. I heard drums, and immediately I remembered. Then I saw that purple bag of his.. hee... I was sooo happy I rushed over to the drums immediately to give him a hug. It's so good to see him back here! But! He owes me a Rhumba frappe with extra rhumba chips now... ahaha.. :) It's good to see him at the drums again, great to be playing with him again. I've always loved to play with him. We click well. I think. :P

Outreach at Cyberia tomorrow night. Theme: Love. I need to call up people to invite them...

In the LIVE Book this year, there was a section where I was able to do a small test to determine my love languages. And true enough, words of affirmation were my main love language. That means I'm a person that like to encourage through notes, letters etc. And I like to receive encouragement - both verbally and in writing. As opposed to those who like gifts and stuff la.

Anyway, the point is that I am very happy because three very important and influential people in my life did that both yesterday and today! :) It spurs me on to do better. And gives me a euphoric high if but for a few days.


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