Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy Birthday, Bee Sean!

Just to surprise her, we acted like normal yesterday night after SNL, forcing everyone to go back on the bus. Then after supper, we hung around for awhile more in Aaron's place before heading to Millenium around 12.30am to surprise the girl. (Wanted her to think we'd either forgotten, or had no plans for her. Heh.)

Liaised with her housemates, crept into her house, and surprised her in her room! I enjoyed that tremendously. After that, we did the 'usual', getting her to sit down in the middle of the living room while we encouraged her, telling her things about her that impacted us. Then, I asked her to share about one way God changed her last year, and her hopes for this year. Finally, we prayed for her. :)

Went for dinner with her and her housemates just now. Nine of us in total: Chiam, Liz, Maril, Me, Christy, Adeline and Marisah. It was at her request, because she wanted us to get to know them better. We had chicken and pizza at Shakey's.

Blogger's being mean, and doesn't want to upload the pictures, so head over to my Multiply okay? :)

Class tomorrow. Need to do more research so that Azren doesn't wring my neck off, considering I don't have fabric samples for him. Heh. :D Goodnight, everyone!

Edit: Oh, do drop by Daryl's page to read his account of her birthday surprise at her house and view pictures! All taken with the camera on his handphone. :) And please don't be traumatised by some of the (vain) pictures. Even though i almost died when I saw them.

P/s Oh, if you're reading this, PC.. uhms.. WELCOME! eheks.. hehe.. :P


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