Friday, March 03, 2006

I'm debating internally whether to ask this question. But oh heck, I'll just ask it anyway. Give me your opinions alright?
Do girls have a natural ability to flirt with guys? Without even realising it?

I'll give you my two cents worth: A resounding yes, YES, YES!!! Though it isn't intentional, I really think girls (especially if they want something... etc) do. I find myself doing that. Especially with guys I just meet.

Hrmmm. Not good, not good. Must learn to watch my own body language. Don't want people to get the wrong ideas. But I must admit that the naughty part of me really enjoys it and the results.

Okay, okay, enough about that. But your two cents worth also, okay? Maybe even three cents! :D I want to know what you think 'flirting' means, when it happens, and how. And the results! How do the guys/girls respond? ;P

The hotdog party was okay. It wasn't really what we expected or hoped for, but I don't doubt God. He works in funny ways. He's done that before in the past, and I know He will do it again.

As for me, it was a great learning experience. The whole coordination thing, learning how to plan things properly, delegating (sort of) tasks, and planning what to share about spiritual life. Really superb.

Hah. And you know why I have to delegate? Because like how wonderful Bernard puts it, his version of 'delegating' is this:
Carol Yong: Everything

Lovely. Simply lovely. :P

But seriously? I hope to have more opportunities to do these kind of things. More responsibilities. Because I know I also need to polish up my sense of responsibility. Plus I like feeling trusted by people to do things.

Anyway, assigns call. Take care, everyone!


At 2:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course! Every has a "natural/flash" tendency to flirt. Even myself. But we have to watch it around our brothers and sisters because this is often the start of misunderstanding and broken hearts. Sure, we all love a little romance now and then to 'spice' up our lives but it isn't something that glorifies God. Do you think Jesus was a "player"? NO!... I perhaps am the most guilty of this. (though, I've no idea who takes me seriously since people think of me as a little boy only) I need my mojo back!

At 3:35 AM, Blogger carol said...

you are only using 1% of your mojo right? Everything else is time-locked for the next two years... lol... ;) thanks bern. Really.


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