Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm online! As in, I have streamyx!!!

So happy okay?

Right, there are some people I need to thank NOW. Specifically 2 people la. :P

They are....*drumroll please*


Even though you made a million and one noises of complaint, grumbled that I was stealing your precious sleeping time, sang a whole bunch of songs and damaged my eardrums in the process and tortured me with your tortured mandarin pronounciations (which, by the way, is pronounced pro-NUN-ci-a-tion), you still helped me fix this thing up. And even though you very meanly stated that it was obvious that my router hates me, I think you know that you were wrong! And being the lovely, forgiving person that I am, I pardon you. Teehee. Kidding. Really, thank you so much, Bern. :)

Ian titi!!!!!

One of the people I know I can pick up the phone and call whenever I have a tech problem. Thank you, titi, for helping me out with this as well. Though the eventual problem turned out to be so small and silly, you helped! And I appreciate it so much! :D And it was so hilarious when you pointed out the simple fact that I hadn't connected the line to the modem because I was on the phone with you..... *hugs* You're one in a million.

Okay la. Now you will probably see me online 24/7. All the pictures I've promised before will be uploaded now. I wouldn't need to stay in college till insane times just to do research, or very paiseh-ly make my way to Aaron's and sheepishly ask to use their internet... :P

And speaking of which, 2 houses I need to thank.

Aaron's house

Namely Aaron, Max, and Chua. For always letting me use their PCs to log online. For bearing with my onlining. I was doing work and, uh, play. Oh well. Heee. Thank you, Live Avenue @ A-01-12! :D

Roy's house.

Also for letting me use your Internet, bugging you occasionally, hehe...

Ah. So happy. :D

Can do more things now. Blog, research, chat... teehee.

See you all A LOT MORE online! :D


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