Thursday, March 02, 2006

Right, just a quick update. Got loads of assigns to complete. Well, actually just one, but I'm one day late for it already. Blame exhaustion.....

Hotdog Party in Cyberia tomorrow! I am VERY excited. A lot of people seem to be staying there now, so really looking forward to a great harvest from that side. Starts 7.30pm at the Cyberia multipurpose hall (Next to Block A3's swimming pool).

Been downloading stuff from Limewire. Heh. Piracy? ;)

The week hasn't been tha eventful yet. I've mainly been busy with planning the hotdog party, and assignments. But all is still well.

Cannot spend so much time online d, haha.

Right, gotta run. Got bookmarks to finish making for tomorrow's party. As well as that Visual Merchandising assignment.

Happy 19th Birthday, Lyne! May the year ahead be full of blessings showered from above. And may you get into the course of your heart's desire! ;) *hugs*


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