Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Overdue pictures

I've put up some pictures in my Multiply. They include the lovely Cameron Highlands trip, as well as Judy's birthday celebrations at The Curve! Go check out the pictures. :)

Below are some really memorable pictures from ECF 'The Contender' Church Camp 2005. Held at Palm Springs Resort, this was really the best church camp I've ever been to. But the photos below are but some teasers... the majority of the pictures would be up in my Multiply. And yes, I'm staying true to Multiply! No Flickr, thanks but no thanks. :)

That's me, Joanne, and Chiam making it cheesy for the camera.

Sky High Team for The Contender race. It's hardly any surprise they won; check out the members on their teams..heh..

People under the waterfall. They were drenched and loving it. ;)

Steven koko and Yu En, his eldest daughter. So adorable. Steven's our campus minister.

At the apartment on the final night. This was after the revealing of the Angel-Mortal game.

Lizzie and I. She prentended to sulk. Bleks to her. ;)

Kong Nai Chen was really the Man of the Year. Everyone wanted to snap a picture with him, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon too! Right. Heh.

The guys discipleship group, LUCT. But this is only Bern's branch la. The rest of them didn't take pics. Let's see. Yalah, start from the top and make your way down. ;) Bernard, Daryl, Max, Joe, Chun Wen and Daniel.

Girls discipleship group. And that's pretty much our full team, heh. We need to grow la, us girls. Back row: Irene, Ally, Chiam, Carol, Lizzie, Judy. Front row: Faith, Bee Sean, Sewei.

Last day of camp, LUCT Contenders group picture. This was the clearest and not-so-siaw picture I could find. Might upload more onto Multiply.

And finally, the picture I'm the proudest of. That's everyone of us! Yeps, that's about 95% of ECF. Last day of camp. *Points at picture* You see those people there? THAT'S MY FAMILY!!!!!! Those are the people I love with all my heart and can trust with my life!

I think right, that one day when I am free, I'll actually do a cast page of sorts. Where I put up the pictures of those people I always yak about in this site. Hmmm. I think I should. And no, I'm not paying any royalties! *Don't get any ideas, Aaron*

Right. Super tired already. Just came back from a yum cha session - again. I'm conked. Goodnight, everyone! *Hugs modem/router* *Hugs people who helped make this happen* Heh. :D


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