Monday, March 13, 2006

Death happens.

It comes, just when you least expect it, like a shadow in the night. It sweeps silently, robbing people of joy and laughter. It steals away some of the most beautiful, engaging personalities you've ever met. It shows that in the end, there is nothing that can deny everyone the only certainty in life: One will die in the end.

I woke up to the unpleasant and sad news that a beautiful person had passed away today.

For those of you from Kuching, especially if you are from St Faith's, you would know who Aunty Jacqueline was. Though somewhere through life, her growth had stopped, leaving her only the height of a 6-7year old, it didn't stop her personality from being larger than life.

What a beautiful person she was. Children and adults both loved her. Those of us from St Faith's Kindy and Sunday School adored her.
"Oh look, Carolyn, you are so much taller than me now!" she would say, grabbing ahold of my hand. "How are you now? Are you doing good in your studies?"

Small, but what a beautiful and powerful voice she had. She served in the church choir for years. I'd always looked forward to gazing at the choir stands on Sundays, hoping to catch a glimpse of her in the red choir robes, singing praises unto her Creator. How she loved using her voice to glorify God!

Whatever she had that had been given to God by her, she used it to glorify Him. Size and stature did not stop her from trying to do her best for Him.

His lord said to him, "Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful over a few things; I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord." Matthew 25:21

Now He has called her home. I'll miss aunty Jac so much... the knowledge that when I go back, Kuching would be devoid of such a beautiful person, a person who has blessed us all with her life for many years. I don't think she was older than 50 years.

But, oh, what a gain for Heaven! And after so many years of accomplishing God's purpose for her here on earth, I know for sure that she is going to stand tall as those golden gates swing forth to admit her, and the trumpets herald the arrival of good and faithful servant. I delight in the knowledge that the King himself is going to arise from His throne, stretch out His arms, and welcome her home.

Well done, good and faithful servant.....

I'll miss you, Aunty Jac. But till we meet again.....


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