Thursday, February 23, 2006

I, am somewhat back.

But I doubt that I'll be blogging that much, with the primary reason being my sore, pathetic lack of an Internet connection. I've contacted the Streamyx people a million times, but they are horrible people...

Classes are almost full-swing as well.We've been briefed on our major project for Fashion Design (mIFA 2006!!), which I'm really excited about. This semester (argh, why does this sound familiar?) I really, really cannot allow myself to slack. The thing is, though, that I start well and usually end quite crappily. Therefore, I really need to learn a heck lot more about discipline to ensure that this time around, I start and end well. :)

Spiritually speaking, I think this whole experience over the past month has really helped me grow, as well as shape me. God's been speaking, and I was reminded yesterday when I read 2 Chronicles that this isn't my battle to fight, but His. My strength is never enough, for I am but a human being fraught with flaws and weaknesses. However, He on the other hand, has promised me abundant strength, but only if I rely on Him, and not on myself.

Some of my cousins and I during Christmas 2005. L-R: Kevin, Carol, Madeline, Elaine, Grace and Mervyn. *hugs*

I also love my family (both earthly and spiritual) more now. My cousins and I have really pulled together during this time. Though I had some tough moments where some of them were concerned, basically we're closer now.

As for my other family, what can I say? I love you guys all so, so much. Steven told me that they prayed for my family during the office devotions, James would occasionally text me asking about the situation, Lizzie has been the amazing person she memang is, Bern has been making me laugh because it's his natural talent, Judy and Sewei tickled me till I almost passed out, brought me jogging and taught me dance steps... and the list never ends.

As for those of you who either texted, commented, or chatboxed me... I appreciate you guys loads too. Thinking about you all, and would give you guys a huge hug if I could see you all now. But I can't so...

Here's a VIRTUAL hug though! :P

A wallpaper I created months ago. Titled "Memories". People inside are the ones I consider the closest to my heart. Also a hint of my Kuching and KL life. Love you guys.

Right. If I feel up to it, I might actually put up a couple of pictures from Cameron. The pictures are lovely! I feel like Photoshopping them to enhance the quality, but I don't have the skills of some people so.. hrmmm..

Gotta run! :) Have a cheery day, all!


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